Tarros Hellas S.A., was established in Piraeus in August 1999. It represents in Greece the company "Tarros SpA Shipping" with offices in Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

Representing the lines "Tarros SpA Shipping", "Ignazio Messina & C." and "Melfi Marine Corporation”. Nowadays "Tarros Hellas SA" offers onshore transportation solutions "door to door "by land , train and sea for FCL and LCL loads, with weekly departures to and from all the main destinations it represents.

Tarros SpA Shipping offers regular weekly connection from the Italian ports of La Spezia, Salerno, Genoa, Venice, Ravenna & Ancona to Piraeus and also provides direct connection between Piraeus and the ports of Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Porto, Morocco , Algeria, Georgia and Russia.

With headquarters and her own Container Terminal in La Spezia, Tarros SpA Shipping acts as the local logistics provider for trade between Europe and the Mediterranean / North Africa.

Ignazio Messina & C. started ship ownership in the small port of Riposto, Sicily in the second half of the 19th century.

It provides regular Container & Ro / Ro services with multipurpose vessels, connecting Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East and India, covering more than 50 ports and 40 different countries.

With the development of an efficient road logistics management system, the Group offers services to more than 100 domestic destinations in Africa, the Middle East and India, as well as in Europe.

MELFI MARINE CORPORATION is a shipping company registered in the Republic of Panama, based in Havana, Cuba.

MELFI LINES (internationally recognized brand), offers regular container transport services with regular routes, frequent departures from all ports it serves, aiming at fast delivery of goods to their final destination with reliability and competitive prices.

Currently, MELFI LINES combined services through Cuba's Mariel port connect destinations to and from four continents, allowing MELFI LINES to meet the needs of customers by connecting the ports of Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean with Europe in generally and with many Mediterranean countries in particular, as well as Greece.